I have drawn and painted all my life.

The artists I admire include: Arnulf Rainer, Howard Hodgkin, Francis Bacon, Victor Pasmore, Matisse, Dufy, Egon Schiele, Hundertwasser, Mark Rothko and so many more…

I am obsessed with colour; the process of making marks on a surface, texture, white, spectrums and lines. I believe my work is not abstract, though it might appear as such. I try and draw and paint what I am feeling about a particular sky, sea, landscape or fauna.

My work is largely focussed on the island of Naxos; it’s colours, seasons, skies and of course, it’s sea which continue to fill me with wonder every time I look.

The titles are meaningful and provide a context. I have a natural inclination for minute detail and because of this, to be free is hard, as is knowing when to stop!

Lately I have focused on the sea around Naxos and swimming pools; the colour of water changes with the intensity of light, with the wind and the clouds.

The challenge is to capture the essence of colours coupled with how I feel when seeing the never ending drama.

It still takes my breath away after all these years and most certainly always will.


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