Pocket Gallery is located in the lanes of the historic old town of Naxos; the Bourgos district. Since opening in 20110 the gallery has represented artists who have lived or spent time on the island for many years and take inspiration for their works from its nature, architecture and society. The gallery also offers the work of nine notable  Greek ceramic artists and studios, collections of jewellery in metal, fabric, ceramic and semi precious stones and a  hand printed fabric collection from Crete.

Pocket Gallery is proud to represent Shashi Chopra on Naxos with a permanent exhibition of his work. His paintings offer a unique and sensitive evocation of the colours, light quality and natural and human elements of the island. The tones and textures of the rock strewn rugged landscapes, the reflection of sun on the intense blues and greens of the Aegean sea, the brilliant colours of plant life are rendered with restrained and poignant exuberance on white backgrounds which reference the cubes of Cycladic architecture.